Suzuki 300 Outboard Price: Your Guide to Cost and Value

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Suzuki 300 Outboard Overview

I’ve spent two decades mastering the ins and outs of boating, and in that time, I’ve come to appreciate the innovation and quality that some engines deliver. Specifically, the Suzuki 300 Outboard engines are a cut above when discussing power and performance on the water. As an experienced boater, I’ve observed that these engines stand out for their cutting-edge features and reliability.

Key Specifications:

  • Horsepower: 300 HP
  • Engine Type: V6
  • Unique Feature: Dual Contra-Rotating Propellers

At the heart of this lineup is the DF300AP, which has been celebrated as the “Ultimate Four-Stroke Outboard.” What makes it exceptional is not just its horsepower but also the advanced technologies that Suzuki employs. For example, it boasts Suzuki’s Selective Rotation, allowing the outboard to operate in either standard or counter-rotating modes with a simple gearcase change.

Furthermore, my time on the water has shown me the advantages of Suzuki’s lean burn control technology, significantly improving fuel efficiency, particularly at cruising speed where I spend most of my time. This outboard is also fitted with a knock sensor, which allows for optimum performance throughout the rev range while maintaining engine health.

Another model, the DF300B, is renowned as the world’s first 300 HP four-stroke outboard with dual contra-rotating propellers, ideal for heavy boats due to improved torque and better grip on the water during acceleration.

Retail Price Range (as of 2024):

  • Approximately: $17,000 – $20,000

My advice to fellow boaters is always to consider not just the horsepower but the overall design and technology an engine offers; the Suzuki 300 Outboard models exemplify this balance beautifully.

Current Market Prices

Through my two decades of experience in the boating industry, I’ve kept a close eye on the pricing trends for marine outboards. When it comes to purchasing a Suzuki 300 hp outboard, prices can vary based on whether you’re opting for a new model or searching for a pre-owned engine.

New Suzuki 300 Outboards

The latest Suzuki DF300B model, a state-of-the-art 300 hp four-stroke outboard with dual contra-rotating propellers, is listed at $17,064.00. This new model integrates Suzuki’s innovative Dual Propeller System and a 2-Stage Gear Reduction to provide enhanced torque, particularly beneficial for heavier boats.

Used Suzuki 300 Outboards

The pricing for pre-owned Suzuki 300 outboards can be quite variable, hinging on factors such as the year of the model, hours of use, and overall condition. For a rough estimate, 2024 Suzuki Marine DF300AP models might be found on the market at figures like $22,500.00, but individual listings can differ. Always inspect the engine’s state and verify its maintenance history for the best value.

Price Determinants

When assessing the cost of a Suzuki 300 HP outboard motor, it’s critical to consider factors such as engine specifications, dealer location, and any additional features or accessories that might affect the price. During my 20 years of boating experience, I’ve found these elements can significantly influence the final purchase price.

Engine Specifications

The DF300B X 300 HP model is renowned for its dual contra rotating propellers and advanced torque, tailored for heavier boats. Specific technological enhancements in these motors, such as the Suzuki 2-Stage Gear Reduction, can make them more costly compared to models with less sophisticated engineering.

Dealer Location and Availability

Prices can vary depending on the dealer’s location due to shipping costs, local taxes, and market demand. For instance, outboard motors sold in coastal regions may be priced differently than those in landlocked areas. The Suzuki DF300AP might be more readily available in some regions, affecting the price point accordingly.

Additional Features and Accessories

Extra features, such as digital controls or enhanced fuel-efficiency systems, will naturally increase the price. Also, dealer specific promotions or warranty extensions, like those offered by Diamond Motors & Marine, contribute to the varying costs of Suzuki 300 outboard motors. Accessories such as propellers, gauges, and steering systems are critical to consider as they are often sold separately and can be substantial in the overall costing.

Each of these elements must be closely examined to understand the complete financial layout that comes with owning a Suzuki 300 HP outboard motor.

Comparative Analysis

Drawing from my two decades of boating experience, evaluating the price of Suzuki’s 300 HP outboard motor requires a detailed comparison with competitor models and an understanding of historical pricing trends.

Suzuki vs. Competing Brands

When assessing the Suzuki DF300B X 300 HP Outboard Motor, it’s evident that its unique feature of dual contra-rotating propellers sets it apart in the market. The Suzuki Dual Propellor System and Suzuki 2-Stage Gear Reduction are engineered to enhance torque, particularly beneficial for heavier boats. In contrast, other brands like Yamaha and Mercury offer 300 HP outboards, yet they typically lack the dual propeller design, potentially impacting their performance on larger vessels.

  • Suzuki DF300B: Dual Propellers, Enhanced Torque for Heavy Boats
  • Mercury Verado 300: Supercharged Power, Advanced Sound Management
  • Yamaha F300: Variable Camshaft Timing, High Efficiency

Price Fluctuations Over Time

My observations have revealed that the price of the Suzuki 300 Outboard and its competitors has varied over recent years. Influenced by factors such as technological advancements, market demand, and production costs, the pricing patterns have been notable. For instance, prices in 2023 were reflective of the industry’s post-pandemic recovery period.

  • 2019: Introduction of new marine tech may temporarily elevate prices.
  • 2020-2021: Pandemic-related manufacturing and supply chain disruptions led to price instability.
  • 2022-Onward: Market stabilization and increased competition have manifested in more consistent pricing, with occasional promotional discounts.

Purchase Tips

In my 20 years of boating experience, I’ve learned purchasing a high-value item like an outboard motor requires careful consideration of both the deal and the after-purchase support.

Negotiating the Best Deal

Know the Market: Before entering negotiations for a Suzuki 300 outboard, research the current market prices to ensure you have a realistic starting point. For instance, prices can be influenced by seasonal demand or new model releases. By understanding where the market stands, you can approach the negotiation with a solid ground to argue for a fair price.

Communicate Clearly: Explain your budget and requirements directly to the seller. If you have quotes from other sellers for similar outboards, don’t hesitate to mention them. It’s not about playing hardball but rather about demonstrating that you are an informed buyer, which can often lead to a better deal.

Warranty and Service Considerations

Warranty Duration: Check the length and breadth of the warranty for the Suzuki 300 outboard. Warranties can vary in length, but a comprehensive coverage plan is vital for such a significant investment. For detailed specifications on the Suzuki outboard warranty, consider this outline of coverage details.

Service Network: Ensure there’s a reliable service network in your location. Accessibility to qualified technicians can save you time and money, and having service centers close by means less downtime if your outboard needs repairs. It’s also wise to verify the reputation of the service providers, ensuring that they’re known for their work quality and reliability.

Ownership Costs

In my two decades of boating experience, I’ve learned that the cost of owning a Suzuki 300 Outboard includes more than the initial purchase price. Maintenance and fuel are ongoing expenses that can significantly affect the lifetime cost of the motor.

Maintenance Expenses

Routine Servicing: Regular maintenance is essential. The Suzuki 300 Outboard, according to Boating Mag, may require an oil change approximately every 100 hours of operation. Local dealership rates may vary; however, an oil change typically takes about one hour of labor billed at an average rate of $100/hour.

  • Filters and Impellers: It’s vital to replace filters and impellers regularly to ensure the motor runs efficiently.
  • Winterization: Preparing the motor for off-season storage is critical, especially in colder climates.
  • Unexpected Repairs: Setting aside funds for unforeseen issues will prevent surprises.

Fuel Efficiency

The Suzuki 300 Outboard is recognized for its solid fuel economy. While fuel consumption will vary based on conditions, and propeller size, the dual contra-rotating propellers design offers improved power and efficiency, contributing to better fuel economy especially during long boating trips or heavy use. Remember, higher horsepower outboards like this may consume more fuel at full throttle, but advancements in technology have made the 300 HP range more efficient than ever before.

Financing Options

In my 20 years of boating experience, I’ve learned that one of the hurdles in acquiring a Suzuki 300 HP outboard motor is the cost. Thankfully, financing is an option for those looking to spread the cost over a period. Various financial institutions offer loans tailored for marine purchases, which can greatly alleviate the immediate financial strain.

  • Suzuki Marine Financing: I found that Suzuki Marine partners with lenders like Sheffield Financial to provide competitive rate financing for outboard motors and boat packages. They tout a simple and fast online application process and flexible loan terms.
  • Repower Retail Financing: For upgrading existing motors to a Suzuki 300 HP outboard, Suzuki offers repower financing options. This can be a budget-friendly solution for boat owners looking to improve their boat’s performance without buying an entirely new vessel.
  • Dealer Financing Programs: Some dealerships have their own financing plans. Diamond Motors & Marine, for example, offers financing options with APR as low as 9.49% for certain models of the Suzuki outboard.

When considering financing, it’s essential to compare the total cost over time, including down payments, APRs, and loan duration. Responsible budgeting and a good credit score can lead to more favorable terms. Visit the individual websites or contact a local dealer directly for the most current terms and promotions on offer.

Consumer Reviews and Testimonials

During my 20 years of boating experience, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with numerous Suzuki outboard owners. Their testimonials often highlight key aspects of the Suzuki DF300B, which is praised for its performance and reliability.


  • Top Speed: Several owners report achieving a top speed close to 50 mph, confirming the engine’s robust output capabilities.
  • Fuel Efficiency: At cruising speeds around 22 mph, the reported fuel economy is approximately 2.2 mpg. However, it’s worth noting that at wide-open throttle, this number can drop significantly.


  • Owners have shared with me that the Suzuki 300 is a dependable motor, resonating with claims that it can operate for several years without major issues. The average operation period per year for most boaters is around 200 hours, suggesting that this outboard has a robust lifespan.

Acoustic Comfort:

  • Compared to some two-stroke engines, the Suzuki 300’s quiet operation often comes as a pleasant surprise to new users. They appreciate the improved onboard experience without the compromise of power.


  • Purchase Price: I’ve seen the price fluctuate, but it typically ranges from $20,000 to $25,000.
  • Maintenance: On speaking with other boating enthusiasts, annual maintenance costs generally fall between $200 and $500. Installation is an additional one-time cost that averages between $500 and $1000.

From my interactions, it’s clear that the Suzuki 300 garners respect for its mix of power and tranquility. These testimonials and reviews are consistent with the outboard’s reputation in the boating community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drawing upon my 20 years of boating experience, I aim to address some of the most common inquiries regarding the Suzuki 300 outboard motor, focusing on its pricing, lifespan, and specific characteristics.

What is the price range for new Suzuki 300 outboard motors?

The price for a new Suzuki DF300B typically starts around $17,000, depending on the dealer and location. This price can fluctuate based on the model year and features included.

How does the pricing for used Suzuki 300 outboards compare to new ones?

Used Suzuki 300 outboards can vary significantly in price, depending on age, condition, and hours of use. Generally, they can cost between 60% to 80% of the original price if in good condition.

Are installation costs typically included in the price of a Suzuki 300 outboard?

Installation costs for Suzuki 300 outboards are usually additional compared to the list price. Some dealers may offer a package deal, but it’s important to verify this before purchase.

What is the durability and lifespan of a Suzuki 300 outboard engine?

A Suzuki 300 outboard engine, with proper maintenance, can typically last over 1,500 hours of use. Many factors such as maintenance frequency, operating conditions, and usage patterns influence its durability.

How much can I expect to pay for a Suzuki 300 outboard motor in Florida?

In Florida, the pricing of a Suzuki 300 outboard motor will be consistent with nationwide averages, but local taxes and dealer fees can affect the total cost. Expect prices to be close to the national starting average of $17,000 before taxes and fees.

What is the weight of a Suzuki 300 outboard motor?

The weight of a Suzuki 300 outboard motor is approximately 639 pounds for the X model. Different configurations and models of the 300 series may slightly vary in weight.

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