Best Boating Cities in the US: Top Destinations for Life on the Water

best boating cities in the US

Some of the best boating cities in the US include Annapolis, Maryland; Seattle, Washington; and Newport, Rhode Island, just to name a few. Boating in these cities allows me to experience diverse waterways, local culture, and stunning coastal views. Each destination has unique characteristics, so knowing what factors to consider before setting off is essential … Read more

Best Boating Books: 12 Essential Reads for Every Boater

Best Boating Books

The best boating books should be written by authors who possess experience and qualifications in their respective fields, such as seasoned sailors, maritime professionals, or experts in navigation, which can attest to the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. I’ve gathered a list of the best boating books available on Amazon. These books cater … Read more

Boat Trailer VIN Location: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding It

boat trailer VIN location

Basics of Boat Trailer VIN Location To find the boat trailer’s VIN location, I always check the tongue or frame of the boat trailer. More often than not, the VIN is stamped or attached in these places, especially on the tongue where it attaches to the towing vehicle. Another location to look for the VIN … Read more

Stand on Vessel: Expert Insights and Practical Use Cases

stand on vessel

A stand-on vessel is one that has the right of way in a particular situation. This designation is important because it helps to establish clear guidelines on how vessels should interact with one another to avoid collisions or misunderstandings. By understanding the concept of stand-on vessels, boaters can navigate with confidence and minimize the risk … Read more