Best Boat Trailer Tires: Top Picks for Performance and Durability

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best boat trailer tires

When looking for the best boat trailer tires, there are several key factors you should take into consideration: weight capacity, speed rating, and construction.

It’s crucial to choose tires with an appropriate load capacity, adequate speed rating, and durable construction to handle your boat’s size and maintain optimal performance while towing.

Additionally, many boat owners prioritize a long-lasting tire, which depends on the quality of the materials used and the tire’s resistance to wear, tear, and weather conditions.

Best Boat Trailer Tires List

Best Boat Trailer Tires Reviewed

We have compiled the top boat trailer tires in the market for you below. Discover the best products to suit your needs and keep your boating experience smooth and hassle-free.

eCustomRim Two Trailer Tires On Rims

eCustomRim Two Trailer Tires On Rims

The eCustomRim Two Trailer Tires On Rims is an excellent choice for those seeking reliable and compatible tires for their boat trailer.


  • Durable 4-ply construction
  • High load capacity of 780 pounds
  • Versatile, fits various trailer brands


  • Some confusion over ply rating on sidewall
  • Not suitable for high-speed use
  • Slightly lower tread depth than some competitors

The eCustomRim Trailer Tires are an ideal option for anyone looking to upgrade their boat trailer tires. The tires come pre-mounted onto 4-lug, 4-inch-center white spoke rims and are designed to fit a wide range of boat trailer brands such as Alumacraft, Crestliner, and Mako, as well as utility and cargo trailers.

Constructed with a 4-ply design, these tires offer increased durability and a maximum load capacity of 780 pounds, making them suitable for handling heavier boats or cargo loads. The 480-12 size and B load range ensure compatibility with many different trailer types and sizes.

However, it should be noted that the tire’s sidewall indicates a 2-ply thread and 2-ply sidewall, which may cause confusion for some users. Additionally, these tires are not rated for high-speed use; their speed index is M, which corresponds to a maximum speed of 81 miles per hour. If you require tires for higher speeds, it might be worth considering alternative options.

The eCustomRim trailer tires also have a slightly lower tread depth than some other options available at 4/32″, which may result in reduced traction on wet or slippery surfaces. Nevertheless, these tires are backed by a two-year warranty, ensuring protection from potential defects and added peace of mind for the purchaser.

Overall, the eCustomRim Two Trailer Tires On Rims offer a solid and dependable option for boat trailer owners seeking a versatile and durable tire upgrade. Boasting compatibility with various trailer brands and a high load capacity, these tires make an excellent investment even with some of the minor drawbacks.

MaxAuto 4.80-12 Boat Trailer Tires

MaxAuto 4.80-12 Boat Trailer Tires

These dependable MaxAuto boat trailer tires offer impressive durability and performance for a variety of trailer types.


  • Excellent load capacity
  • Low rolling resistance for energy saving
  • Suitable for various trailer applications


  • Non-highway service only
  • Tires only, wheels not included
  • Some difficulty in mounting

The MaxAuto 4.80-12 boat trailer tires are designed for use in construction, utility, agriculture, and shorter-distance or infrequent boat and cargo hauling. These tires are specifically designed to handle a maximum load of up to 990 pounds at 90 psi, ensuring great performance for various towing purposes.

One of the standout features of these tires is their low rolling resistance, made possible by the carefully designed tread and compound. This attribute not only contributes to energy saving but also helps in reducing the environmental impact of these tires. Moreover, the durable nylon cord layers alternate in a crisscross pattern, providing stiffer sidewalls and enhanced flexibility for the tire.

However, these tires are intended for non-highway applications only, which may limit their utility for some users. Additionally, they are sold as a set of two tires without the wheels, so buyers will need to purchase wheels separately. Some users have also reported difficulty in mounting the tires due to their thick sidewalls.

Overall, the MaxAuto 4.80-12 boat trailer tires offer a reliable and efficient option for those looking for durable and versatile trailer tires. With their impressive load capacity and low rolling resistance, they make a great choice for various types of trailers. Just keep in mind their non-highway usage limitation and that you will need to provide your own wheels.

Hi-Run Boat Trailer Tire -20.5/8-10

Hi-Run Boat Trailer Tire

We recommend the Hi-Run Boat Trailer Tire for its durability, load capacity, and positive customer feedback.


  • Durable rubber material
  • Impressive 1535 lb. weight capacity
  • 10-ply construction


  • Limited size availability
  • May require additional inflation
  • Made in China, which may raise quality concerns for some buyers

The Hi-Run Boat Trailer Tire offers a reliable choice for repairing and maintaining your boat trailer. Constructed from rubber, this well-rated tire boasts an outside diameter of 20.5 inches and 10-ply construction – perfect for heavy loads. Additionally, this tire is capable of supporting weight capacities up to 1535 lb, ensuring that your boat trailer remains secure and stable on the road.

Despite its positive aspects, the Hi-Run Boat Trailer Tire faces some drawbacks. For one, the tire is only available in a single size – 20.5×8.00-10. This limitation may be inconvenient for users searching for a variety of size options. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this tire has an inflation PSI of 90, which may require more frequent inflation than other comparable products on the market.

Despite these downsides, the Hi-Run Boat Trailer Tire has received overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. Users commonly praise its affordability, ease of installation, and prompt shipping, as well as the company’s efficiency in meeting or exceeding delivery expectations. Although the product’s origin (China) may be of concern to some buyers, its practical features and dependable performance make it a strong contender among boat trailer tires.

In summary, the Hi-Run Boat Trailer Tire emerges as a durable, reliable, and well-rated choice for your boat trailer needs. Its rubber material, high weight capacity, and 10-ply construction enhance its sturdiness, while positive customer reviews speak to its quality. While limited size options and a possibly higher inflation requirement may be drawbacks, the overall value and dependability of this tire make it an enticing choice.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best boat trailer tires, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure we make the right choice. In this buying guide, we will discuss various features that should be taken into account when choosing the ideal tires for our boat trailers.

Size and Load Capacity: First and foremost, we must be aware of the size and load capacity of our boat trailer tires. Make sure to check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations on tire size and load capacity. Opting for the correct size and weight capacity ensures smooth towing and prolongs tire life.

Type of Tire: There are primarily two types of trailer tires – radial and bias-ply. Radial tires have steel belts positioned at a 90-degree angle from the tread centerline, providing them with better flexibility and improved road contact. On the other hand, bias-ply tires have plies positioned diagonally across the tire, resulting in stiffer sidewalls and less flexibility. While radial tires offer a smoother ride and longer life, bias-ply tires tend to be more budget-friendly.

Tread Patterns: The tread pattern on a trailer tire plays a significant role in its performance. It is essential to choose a tire with a tread pattern that provides excellent traction and reduces rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency. For boat trailers, we recommend looking for a tread pattern designed to channel water and prevent hydroplaning in wet conditions.

Materials and Construction: Quality materials and construction are critical factors when choosing boat trailer tires. Look for tires made from durable materials designed to withstand exposure to sunlight, water, and changing weather conditions. Also, consider tires with reinforced sidewalls that can effectively handle the load of our boats.

Speed Rating: Don’t overlook the speed rating of trailer tires. The speed rating indicates the maximum speed the tire can safely handle under optimal conditions. It’s crucial to choose tires with a suitable speed rating to ensure safe towing at highway speeds.

In conclusion, when searching for the best boat trailer tires, it’s essential to keep the above features in mind. By considering the size and load capacity, type of tire, tread patterns, materials, construction, and speed rating, we can confidently make the optimal choice for our specific needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Boat trailer tires

What is the ideal load range for boat trailer tires?

The ideal load range for boat trailer tires depends on the combined weight of your boat and trailer. It’s essential to choose tires with an appropriate load range to ensure they can safely support the weight. We recommend checking your boat and trailer’s total weight and consulting the tire manufacturer’s load range specifications to make an informed decision.

Which brands offer top-rated boat trailer tires?

Several reputable brands offer top-rated boat trailer tires. Some of the popular choices among boating enthusiasts include Goodyear, Carlisle, Maxxis, and Loadstar. Each brand offers various models with varying features, making it crucial to research and compare their offerings based on your specific requirements.

What are radial boat trailer tires?

Radial boat trailer tires feature steel belts running perpendicular to the tire’s direction of travel. These tires provide better traction, improved stability, and increased fuel efficiency compared to their bias-ply counterparts. Radial tires are ideal for long trips, rough terrains, and heavy loads.

How do tire ply ratings impact boat trailer performance?

Tire ply ratings indicate the tire’s load-carrying capacity and overall strength. A higher ply rating typically results in a more robust tire that can carry heavier loads. However, higher ply ratings may also lead to a stiffer ride. It’s essential to find a balance between the necessary carrying capacity and ride comfort when selecting boat trailer tires.

Can I use radial tires on my boat trailer?

Yes, you can use radial tires on your boat trailer as long as they’re compatible with the rims and meet the required load range specifications. Radial tires offer significant advantages, such as improved traction, stability, and fuel efficiency, making them a popular choice for many boat owners.

What factors should I consider when choosing boat trailer tires and rims?

When choosing boat trailer tires and rims, you should consider factors such as the tire’s size, load range, ply rating, and type (radial or bias-ply). Additionally, rim size, material, and bolt pattern should be compatible with your trailer’s specifications. Always consult your trailer and tire manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance.

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